General info
Dublin, Ireland
Paula Fitzsimons is a visual artist who utilises modes of live performance, photography, video, text and drawing to make time based works. She is concerned with live art practice, holding close the precious breath of the 'Other'. To transgress using actions and material crisis from a deep well resonating between the personal and the political. Understanding that contemporary artists work in increasingly complex cultural environments, live art practice allows an investigation of the self in a liminal space oscillating between being and becoming. In this sense, to look beyond the studio to a wider, real and direct negotiation with materials and images. The work holds an interest in the politics of sexual identity, issues of loss, melancholia and the use of actions as carriers for meaning, holding close that which is gone or lost to us, reflecting on art as a form of resistance and aiming to find the image somewhere in the print of doing.
2014 - 2016
MA Painting: Performance Pathway
Royal College of Art